The Current View is a practitioner-completed tool that captures information on four components:

1) Provisional Problem Descriptions

2) Selected Complexity Factors

3) Contextual Problems

4) EET (Education, Employment or Training) Difficulties

Psychometric properties

There are currently no psychometric properties for the Current View and the tool has not been validated for tracking change over time.


The Current View is appropriate for use with children and young people of all ages.


The measure is not currently translated into any other languages.


Practitioners complete the Current View tool on paper at first contact. The tool can be completed again at later time points if practitioners receive new information or if items change over the course of treatment.

Scoring and interpretation

Practitioners draw on all available information at the point of completion, including information from meeting with children and young people and their families or other professionals involved. Information from other completed measures may also be used to complete the tool.

Scoring of the four components

Component Scoring Scale
Provisional Problem Descriptions Severity of impact None/ Mild/ Moderate/ Severe/ Not known
Selected Complexity Factors Presence Yes/ No/ Not known
Contextual Problems Severity of impact None/ Mild/ Moderate/ Severe/ Not known
EET Difficulties Deviation for "norm"* None/ Mild/ Moderate/ Severe/ Not known

*"The optimal performance that might be expected for that child or young person as determined by current understanding of their abilities" (Current View Guide, 2013)

The 'Not known' response should not be used when deciding between mild and moderate or between moderate and severe. It should be used only when there is not adequate information to make an assessment of 'None'.

Terms of use

If you are planning to use this measure for the delivery and improvement of health and/or social care, a license to incorporate it into electronic systems can be obtained from NHS Digital. Please note that licenses obtained via this route may be restricted to particular territory (e.g. England, UK). If planning to use the measure outside of England, you may wish to contact NHS Digital to clarify the geographical scope of the licence.

Further information

Further information on the Current View and its development as part of the CAMHS Payment System Project is available online.


Jones, M., Hopkins, K., Kyrke-Smithm R, Davies, R., Vostanis, P., & Wolpert, M. (2013). Current View Tool Completion Guide. London: CAMHS Press.

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