Gathering school staff wellbeing evidence this academic year

Schools are now into their final term, and as we know from research there is a worsening of wellbeing among England’s school staff, so we wanted to let primary and secondary schools know that the Wellbeing Measurement for Schools staff survey only has one more opportunity for you to sign up this academic year - giving you a report to wrap up the year, show your staff their wellbeing is of value and have data for consideration for the new school year ahead. 

2023 - 2024 academic year

  • To receive your staff survey report by the end of July, registration is required by 15 July.  

2024 - 2025 academic year

  • The registration, survey and reporting dates for the 2024-2025 academic year are now available in the drop down here (9b). This includes the option to run the survey with staff in September (inset days are the perfect opportunity!) and receive the survey report by the end of October (registration is required by 15 September). This means schools can use feedback from staff to inform mental health provision and support throughout the rest of the academic year.

Staff Survey registration dates

The Wellbeing Measurement for Schools staff survey gathers staff views and provides evidence of meaningful engagement. It takes no more than 15 minutes and asks a set of validated questions around the wellbeing of colleagues, using the SWEMWBS outcome measure, such as: whether they are feeling optimistic about the future; feeling useful; able to deal with problems well; able to think clearly, among others. It also ascertains their ability and capacity to support pupils, and how they feel about aspects of culture and provision within the school that may affect their wellbeing. All responses are anonymous. 

You can also remind colleagues about mental health and wellbeing support provided by the school and signpost them to other resources, such as: 

The Wellbeing Measurement for Schools staff report provides an overview of the data from the staff survey and compares it with data from other schools.  It is used by schools to identify areas of strength and challenge, to inform priorities around support and training, and indicates the impact of interventions or progress against your targets. As aspects of the report relate to the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, it also demonstrates your commitment to understanding staff wellbeing. 


For further information about this, please visit our website, get in touch or register here for this:

Register for Staff Survey



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